Ledger Feature Overview


Secure Ledger

Secure, Distributed Ledger for Blockchain Applications
Peer-to-peer transactions without miners or blocks
Smart Contracts functionality built-in Ledger code

We developed BIX Ledger to address the inherent weaknesses of the existing distributed ledgers such as Bitcoin-based Blockchain, Ethereum, or commercial ledger implementations like Ripple Net. BIX Ledger is the only operational blockchain with true peer-to-peer transactions that are secure, instantaneous, and immutable – all without the need for third-party miners or packaging in blocks.

  • Secure Ledger Protocols and Global Infrastructure
  • Immutable Records without Blocks, without Hash Chaining, without Miners
  • No Creation/Validation Delays, no Need for Trusted Third Parties
  • Secure Hybrid (Permissioned and Unpermissioned) Ledger
  • Interoperable With other Blockchains

Ledger Features


True P2P - No Need for Third Party Validators

Transactions in BIX Ledger are peer-to-peer and validated without the need for miners or independent trusted nodes. Any two members of the BIX Ledger conduct secure transactions which settle instantly.


The Most Secure Distributed Ledger

Strong security is the most differentiating feature of the BIX Ledger. The security of the members is provided by BIX Identity Management System. BIX Ledger also manages BIX Certificates – a cryptographically encapsulated objects which provide binding and validation of public keys and transactions. Learn more about BIX Ledger’s security features.


Interoperability with other Blockchains

BIX Ledger’s architecture, protocols, and modular design enable interoperability with other ledgers. We are interoperable with the Bitcoin blockchain, and we are planning to be interoperable with other ledgers.


Smart Contracts Support Built-In Ledger Code

Ledger supports execution of Smart Contracts on its blockchain. Unlike other ledgers, BIX Ledger smart contracts implementation is secure and reliable, as it is built into the code of ledger servers. BIX Ledger’s Smart Contracts support complex multi-party, multi-documents, and multi-step applications with protocols for resolution of business conflicts.


Secure Archive of Immutable encrypted Records

Ledger ensures protection and integrity of ledger objects with strong cryptographic algorithms. The records are immutable and irreversible, making BIX Ledger an ideal validation infrastructure.


Validating Transactions without Miners or Blocks

The Identities and Certificates distributed by BIX Ledger are used to validate peer-to-peer transactions between members. The parties involved in a transaction use their BIX Identities to verify and confirm that the counterparty in the transaction is the intended recipient.


The BIX Certificate verifies all digital signatures by the entities in the transaction and is used to extract the Ledger Server’s public key. The BIX Identities are used by parties to verify that the intended counter parties are participating in the transaction. BIX Identities are cryptographically encapsulated using strong encryption algorithms.

Finally, the public keys from BIX Certificates are used by senders to create digital envelopes of transactions which can be received only by the authorized recipients. The effect is a secure, reliable peer-to-peer transactions environment without third parties.